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Here's what people have to say about working with Pati McDermott

"I logged on tonight to find out the results of the bar exam and I passed!  I am so happy and I am indebted to you for your support and guidance.  I learned a lot working with you and it helped me tremendously.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Hope all is well."

— Attorney, San Francisco, California
California Bar exam client who passed the first time, working part time with a family

'"When I did not pass the July 2005 California Bar, I was truly disappointed.   I thought there was nothing more that I could do to pass the February Bar.  But I was wrong because the skills that you taught me were exactly what I needed in order to pass the Bar.  Thanks to you for the ability that you inserted in me, which I used while taking the Bar and passing it the second time around."

— Attorney, Los Angeles, California
California Bar exam client who passed the second time, not in her first language, with a family

"I am so excited to have passed.  I definitely attribute my success to your help.  After three years of struggling in law school, my confidence was shot and I had really psyched myself out about the Bar exam.  While going through the sessions with you, I was not sure that they would work, but looking back on it, I know that they subconsciously really did because I was confident the entire time I studied for the exam and even going into the exam.  Without the threshold of confidence in myself (and that God was helping me), I don't think I could have kept a clear head and stayed strong through the 12 hours a day of studying.  In addition to Bar/Bri, I also had a private tutor to help me learn to write the essays better and I put in the time necessary to learn all the rules.  So, with confidence in my heart, rules in my brain, and the tools to write at my fingertips, I went to the exam and that was the winning formula.  So, thanks again, Pati!"

— Attorney, San Francisco, California
California Bar exam client who passed the first time two months after graduating law school

"I received my Cal Bar Admittance Card today.  It took me a couple of days to realize I did NOT have to plan my time around studying.  NLP helped me considerably with several things including dealing with normal family things and memorization.  Thanks so much!

— Attorney, Colorado
Colorado Bar exam client who passed the fourth time, working full time with a family

"Thank you so much for working with me.  You made a lifetime of difference.  I am busy as a bee but I still miss our talks.  Take care of yourself so you can keep taking such good care of others.  Blessings!!!"

—Attorney, Sacramento, California
California Bar exam client who passed the fourth time two weeks after working with me

"You know, as time goes by (it has been six years since I took that bar exam), I am still processing and reprocessing those sessions, because the work we did formed the "moral core" of my practice.  The resolve that developed:  "If I cannot practice in a manner that I am proud of, I will not practice at all" remains absolute.  (I could discuss this at length if you like, it is pretty profound.)"

—Attorney, Sacramento, California
Same client as above six years later after practicing Family Law full time

"Don't even think about taking the Bar Exam without working with Pati McDermott.  Not only did she help me to pass but she helped me to ENJOY the experience!"

— Attorney, San Francisco, California
California Bar exam client who passed the first time, working full time, went on to teach law, and is now a federal judge

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