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NLP articles

Helpful Strategies for Resolving Insomnia by Pati McDermott, CHT. Practical strategies for resolving insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Natural Relief From Migraine Headaches: Resolve Their Psychological Origin by Pati McDermott, CHT. My clients who had migraines got relief by addressing the same underlying issues. No more migraines!

4 Simple Steps to End a Panic Attack by Pati McDermott, CHT. Stop a panic attack within 3 minutes. Many of my clients have enjoyed great success using this method.

4 Simples Pasos Para Parar un Ataque de Pánico by Pati McDermott, CHT. Detener un ataque de pánico dentro de 3 minutos. Muchos de mis clientes han disfrutado de gran éxito con este método.

Self-Love - The Key To Happiness by Pati McDermott, CHT. Self-love provides the foundation for a happy and healthy inner world.

Agoraphobia: Afraid To Leave Your Comfort Zone by Pati McDermott, CHT. I have been successfully helping people with agoraphobia, anxiety, and other phobias since 1990.

The Hero's Journey by Pati McDermott, CHT. A universal pattern for dealing with challenges and phases of life. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell, Carol Pearson, and Robert Dilts.

The Presuppositions of NLP are the basic philosophy and core concepts that all the NLP methodology and techniques are based on.

Setting Good Goals by Joy Livingwell. Outlines two complementary methods of goal-setting, from NLP and Holistic Management.

EMI: Eye Movement Integration Therapy The origin of eye movement integration techniques used by many therapists today for resolving trauma.

It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood (Using Hypnotherapy and NLP) By Jack Elias, American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP, Seattle, WA.

Uptime by Tom Maguire. Uptime describes a state of excellence that enhances all types of performance including teaching, presenting, playing sports, and interacting with others.

Health articles

Time Line Therapy™ -- a powerful tool to support the healing of cancer by Tad James. 2005.

Medications and Your Health by Dr. Laura Polak, D.C. Why medications can sometimes cause more problems than they solve, and what you can do to protect yourself.

In Search of Wellness by Dr. Laura Polak, D.C. Wellness means health and vitality, not merely eliminating symptoms. Learn how you can stay well even if you have a diagnosed disease.

Defusing Stress by Dr. Laura Polak, D.C. Learn techniques to prevent and reduce stress.

Herbal Teas Replacing Sedatives In UK Prisons From The Alternative Mental Health News, February 2005. Herbal teas are being welcomed by prison pharmacy departments and have become popular among the inmates for treating insomnia and stress.

Antidepressants May Be linked To Suicide, FDA Warns By April Lynch, San Jose Mercury News, March 22, 2004.

Remember It's Not Your Job To Wear A Size 4 from Cosmopolitan Magazine, Summer 2004 issue. From an article on body-confidence, self-esteem, self-love and self-acceptance.

Science articles

Mind Over Genes by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 2005. Dr. Lipton's research in the areas of cell biology, human genetic engineering, quantum physics, epigenetics, and the cell's information processing systems revealed that the mind controls the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off.

The New Biology by Dr. Bruce Lipton Lipton's leading-edge science and how it dovetails with mind-body medicine. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology. This article is also available in Spanish, Turkish and German at his web site.

Cellular Consciousness by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 2001. Uncovering the biology of belief and the mechanisms by which the mind controls bodily functions.

Bar Exam Articles